The Funniest Letter Template For Your Writing Life | Writer’s Relief

Apr 22, 2024 | Literary Fun

The life of a writer can be busy, busy, busy! Along with your everyday tasks, you have ideas to come up with, red pens to buy, edits to write…and rewrite…and rewrite, and then submissions to send out to literary agents and editors. There’s simply no time to sit down and pen a personal, old-school letter to other writers about your literary adventures! Fortunately, the time-crunch experts at Writer’s Relief have come to the rescue. We’ve created a handy letter template you can use to quickly dash off a letter to your writing group cohorts. Just fill in the blanks in the style of an iconic game that rhymes with “Sad Ribs” and ta-dah, in no time you’ll be finished and ready to snail mail your unique, personalized letter. In honor of April being Letter Writing Month, here’s the funniest letter template to use for your writing life.

A Fun Letter Template For Your Writing Life

Dear __________ (Proper Name),

I hope this letter finds you well. As a fellow writer, I wanted to __________(verb) my __________(adjective) thoughts on the writing life. You see, being a writer is like __________(verb ending in ing) a __________(noun) through a __________(adjective) storm. Some days, the words __________(adverb) flow like __________(noun), and other days, they hide like __________(noun/s) in a __________(noun).

But no worries! We writers are a resilient bunch. We battle __________(adjective) writer’s block armed with __________(noun/s) and a __________(noun). Our muse is a __________(adjective) __________(noun) named __________(Proper Name), who places plot twists in our __________(noun/s) while we sleep.

And let’s not forget rejection letters—they arrive like __________(nouns) falling from the sky. But we wear them like badges of honor. You know how rejection letters are typically worded: “Dear __________(Your Name), thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, our __________(noun) has more __________(nouns) than Swiss cheese.”

So, my dear __________(adjective) friend, keep writing! Let your imagination __________(verb) like a __________(noun) on __________(Holiday) morning. And remember, even when the world seems like a __________(adjective) dumpster fire, there’s always a __________(noun) waiting to be penned.

Yours in __________(adjective) prose, __________(Your Name)


And there you have it! As always, at Writer’s Relief, our goal is to make your writing life easier and more productive. We wish you much success in all your writing endeavors! 😊