Quiz: Which Good Doggo Personifies Your Writing Style? | Writer’s Relief

May 31, 2023 | Quizzes

Quiz: Which Good Doggo Personifies Your Writing Style? | Writer’s Relief

As a writer, it’s helpful to be in touch with your inner editor, internal storyteller, core poet—and puppy personality! The research experts at Writer’s Relief had the doggone clever idea to compare the unique personality traits and quirks of writers to those of various dog breeds. These may not be the dog days of summer, but you can still take this quiz now to learn which good doggo personifies your writing style.

Quiz: Which Good Doggo Personality Matches Your Writing Style?

Your ideal writing time is…

  1. The crack of dawn
  2. Morning (but after coffee!)
  3. Afternoon
  4. Evening
  5. Midnight


Your writing has been described as…

  1. Florid and descriptive
  2. Experimental
  3. Hilarious
  4. Fast-paced and action-packed
  5. Scary good


You typically write _____ words in a writing session.

  1. Under 500
  2. 500—1,000
  3. 1,000—1,500
  4. 1,500—2,000
  5. 2,000+


When writing, you prefer to use…

  1. Pen
  2. Pencil
  3. Computer keyboard
  4. Voice-to-text software
  5. Manual typewriter


Time for a treat! Your favorite writing fuel to munch on is…

  1. Apples
  2. Beef jerky
  3. Chocolate
  4. Potato chips
  5. Pretzel

Sit! Stay! Find Out Your Results!

Mostly 1: Poodle

Because poodles are often carefully coifed, most people don’t realize they started out as sporting dogs! Poodles are the paw-fect combination of elegant athleticism, amazing versatility, and fierce intelligence. As a writer, your versatility and aptitude let you jump easily from one genre to another and one writing style to the next—and look good doing it!

Mostly 2: Bulldog

Bulldogs are beloved for their “sour mug” faces and tenacious personalities. When you get hold of a great idea for your story, essay, poem, or novel, you dig in and doggedly keep writing and rewriting until you’re satisfied with the results. And just as bulldogs can’t be mistaken for any other breed, no one can mistake your unique writing style for anyone else’s!

Mostly 3: Golden Retriever

There’s a reason so many families have golden retrievers as pets: they are outgoing, enthusiastic, and reliable. You, too, can be relied on to bring energy and enthusiasm—to your writing and submission strategy. Whether it’s proofreading, editing, rewriting, or researching markets for your work, you’re ready for a fluffin’ great time!

Mostly 4: Border Collie

Border collies are known for their workaholic, driven personalities. When you’re not writing, you’re thinking about writing: jotting notes on the fly, chasing down a clever turn of phrase, and sniffing out your next project. A weekend spent writing, writing, and writing some more is your idea of a fun holiday!

Mostly 5: German Shepherd

Intelligent and protective, German shepherds are excellent watchdogs. You’re just as protective when it comes to your writing schedule: No one should try to interfere with your “butt-in-chair” time! While your bark may be worse than your bite, you know it’s important to guard against distractions and stick to an organized timetable so you can focus on your writing projects.

What If Your Results Are Mixed?

Just as some of the best good doggos are a mix of several breeds, you can be a mix of writing styles. A mixed-breed rescue pup often offers the best combination of dog personalities. So you can be a versatile, tenacious, enthusiastic, driven, schedule-keeping writer—another wonderful combination!


Question: Which dog breed personality best matches your writing style? Tell us in the comments!