Featured Client: Patricia L. Meek | Writer’s Relief

Aug 29, 2023 | Client Testimonials

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It’s not easy to balance a full-time career with a full-time writing life! Patricia L. Meek was working fifty hours a week in behavioral health and squeezing in morning writing sessions. But there was no time left to make consistent, targeted submissions! Fortunately, a writer friend gave Patricia the inside scoop on a writer’s best friend: Writer’s Relief. Since teaming up with Writer’s Relief, Patricia has been published in national and international literary journal publications, and she has won the AWP Intro Award for Fiction.

Read on and watch the video to hear how Writer’s Relief helped Patricia L. Meek make better submissions and find more time to write.

In Patricia’s Own Words

I am grateful and honored to be a featured client of Writer’s Relief. I had a colleague recommend Writer’s Relief, and her success with publication piqued my interest. At that time, I was working a fifty-hour-per-week job in behavioral health and writing early mornings on what has become my science fiction trilogy, Wonderworld, for which I am working with Writer’s Relief to find an agent. Like most dedicated writers, it takes time to juggle both writing and, for me a tandem, full-time, demanding career. I did send my work out, but many times I never heard back. I was spinning my wheels.

Working with the professional team at Writer’s Relief has been instrumental in building my successful writing career and has helped propel me in the direction I hope to go. Writer’s Relief has made all the difference in getting my work published. Thank you, Writer’s Relief, for all the hard work you do for writers like me!

More About Patricia

Patricia L. Meek is an award-winning author, novelist, and poet. Her novel, NOAH: a supernatural eco-thriller, was published by All Things That Matter Press in 2011. Her poetry videos have screened at film festivals in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and Worcester. She taught English composition and creative writing and holds a BA and an MFA in creative writing. Patricia is a master’s level psychotherapist and creativity coach interested in shamanic and indigenous healing.

You can read more about Patricia’s work at her website: PatriciaLMeek.com.