7 Ways Trivia Games Can Boost Your Creativity | Writer’s Relief

Aug 30, 2023 | Inspiration And Encouragement For Writers, Other Helpful Information, Writing Tips

7 Ways Trivia Games Can Boost Your Creativity | Writer’s Relief

Trivia games can be a lot of fun! And the mental connections we make and facts we learn during trivia games can lead to better creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills. At Writer’s Relief, we all enjoy a quick, friendly trivia contest! Whether you’re challenging yourself to solo trivia at home or venturing out to join a pub team, your next writing project will benefit from your intellectual aptitude. Here are 7 ways trivia games can boost your creativity and make you a better writer.

How Trivia Games Can Boost Your Creativity And Improve Your Writing

Newfound knowledge. Putting your trivia knowledge to the test is a great learning opportunity. It’s rare to get a perfect score in a trivia game, so you’ll probably learn a few new facts. Instead of relying on the “same old, same old” writing techniques or ideas, you can use this new information as inspiration for your next story, plot twist, or poem.

Better memory retention. Playing trivia games helps keep your mind sharp. Retaining information about topics you’re interested in is like an exercise for your mind. And when you’re writing, a good memory is a great asset. You’ll be able to recall details that will make your settings, characters, and descriptions more accurate and engaging.

Improved problem-solving skills. Cognitive brain functions like logic and reasoning get a good workout during trivia games. Strengthening these skills will make it easier for you to resolve plot holes or tighten your writing during revisions.

Less stress. If you’re stressing over your latest writing project, it’s time to take a break. Trivia games offer a great distraction! Focusing on the game questions means you’re not thinking about whatever is making you feel anxious and stressed. And trivia games can be social and fun—which can also lower stress levels.

Great people-watching opportunities. Whether you’re playing at home with friends and family or out on the town, trivia games offer you an opportunity to watch other players and nearby people. What are other people wearing? How do they react when their answers are right: do they look quietly pleased, or are they jumping up and down and screaming? The reactions to wrong answers can also tell you a lot about a person and perhaps offer a character study for your resolute hero—or vengeful villain.

It’s energizing! Playing—and especially winning—can increase dopamine in the brain, leading to feelings of satisfaction, excitement, and euphoria. These periods of heightened dopamine increase your motivation, which can also result in renewed writing energy and help you overcome writer’s block.

Smarter writing schedule. Try to coordinate your trivia game playing and writing schedule to enhance your creativity. After a trivia session, your brain will be active, engaged, and filled with new information. This is a great time to do some brainstorming or creative writing!

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