Commonly Confused Words

Mar 9, 2008 | Grammar and Usage, Proofreading

Commonly Confused Words

A list of words that are often confused, complied by Writer’s Relief author submission service.

Than or Then: than is used to compare two or more things; then is used for subsequence.

Example: I am much taller than you. I walked to the store, then to the park.

Allude or Refer: allude is bringing something up indirectly; refer is to mention it directly.

Example: They alluded to the fact that she was in the hotel. She referred to her degree to prove that she had experience.

Anxious or Eager:
anxious implies unease or tension; eager refers to happy anticipation.

Example: I was a little anxious about going to a different school. The kids were eager to go on vacation.

Negligent or Negligible: negligent means you’ve failed to do something you should’ve done; negligible means it’s small or unimportant, with no consequence.

Example: The negligent housekeeper left dust under the dresser. The effect was negligible.

Breach or Breech: breach is a violation of a law, obligation, or standard; breech can mean backside, part of a firearm.

Example: The company sued her for breach of contract. Her children were born breech.

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Retch or Wretch: retch is to vomit or try to vomit; wretch is an unfortunate person.
Example: He retched continuously after the previous night’s heavy drinking. The old wretch tried to bring down the spirits of everyone around him.

Disapprove or Disprove: disapprove is to have an unfavorable opinion of; disprove means to prove to be invalid, false, or in error.

Example: My mother disapproved of my new friends. The defendant disproved the judge’s decision.

Enviable or Envious: something enviable is desirable; someone who is envious is jealous.

Example: The lifestyle celebrities lead is enviable. She set him up because she was envious of his wife.

Hoard or Horde: a hoard is a stowed-away supply or cache; a horde is a swarm or large group or crowd.

Example: The squirrel was hoarding food in its cheeks. The show was canceled because the horde was uncontrollable.

Lama or Llama: a Lama is a priest; a llama is an animal related to the camel.

Example: We were excited to meet the Dalai Lama. We saw several llamas on the safari.

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