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Jan 3, 2024 | Inspiration And Encouragement For Writers, Organization Techniques For Writers, Other Helpful Information

10 New Year’s Resolutions For Writers In 2024 | Writer’s Relief

Your New Year’s resolutions might include plans to hit the gym, read more books, or travel to a bucket list destination. As a writer, you’ll want to add some resolutions about your writing goals! For over 29 years, Writer’s Relief (traditional publishing paths) and Self-Publishing Relief have been helping writers boost their odds of getting published—so we have some smart tips to help you plan for a great 2024. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions especially for writers.

10 New Year Resolutions for Writers

One: Enter a contest. There are so many contests accepting writing submissions all year long. Whether or not you win, submitting to a contest offers you an opportunity to sharpen your skills and improve your writing. And if you are a finalist—or a winner!—it’s an awesome boost for your writer résumé. Our free newsletter regularly advertises upcoming contests!

Two: Attempt a 30-day writing challenge. Participating in a writing challenge can motivate you to produce new writing and get your creativity flowing! Here are some suggestions:

Three: Schedule immersive writing days. Spend a day in nature, the city, a coffee shop, or a museum and immerse yourself in that particular environment. Take notes on what you observe: sights, sounds, smells, conversations, and the body language of passersby. At the end of the day, you’ll have some fresh inspiration for your current or future writing projects!

Four: Read something different! Reading is an essential part of the writing process, so broaden your horizons and read something in a genre you don’t write in. You’ll be exposed to the different writing styles of authors you haven’t read before—and you’ll discover techniques you can try in your own writing!

Five: Try story mapping. This writing tool can help you manage your plot, characters, and themes. Instead of simply outlining your story, use the visual aspect of story mapping to organize and plan your book or story.

Six: Join a writing group. Joining a local (or virtual) writing group is a wonderful way to meet other writers, make friends, learn about upcoming events, and get constructive feedback on your work.

Seven: Connect with your library and local bookstores. Going to open mic readings, author readings, and networking events at your local library or bookstore can connect you to other writers and provide opportunities to promote your work.

Eight: Create a marketing plan. Whether you’ve written a book or have had poetry or short stories published in literary journals, you should consider implementing some level of marketing to promote yourself as a writer. You might simply announce your latest publication on social media, or go all out and launch a book tour—and there are lots of options in between!

Nine: Find a writing-themed podcast or YouTube channel. There is excellent content available on YouTube or via a writing podcast featuring insightful advice and inspiration for your work. You can listen while you drive, walk the dog, or exercise. It’s a great way to fit your writing resolutions into a busy day!

Ten: Take a class. Many platforms offer a wide array of classes for varying budgets. And check out your favorite authors, libraries, and literary organizations to see what writing classes they may provide. You can get started right here: Writer’s Relief offers a fun, new grammar course featuring useful grammar tips and advice.

And since it’s a leap year, here’s a bonus New Year’s resolution…

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