Writers: Get The Best Grammar Tips And Answers—Ask Writer’s Relief

Nov 18, 2020 | Grammar and Usage

Writers know there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of grammar rules to keep in mind when creating short stories, essays, poetry, or the next great novel. Is it Less or Fewer? Who or Whom? And, of course, the one we constantly have to double check: Lie or Lay? At Writer’s Relief, we know it’s impossible to memorize every grammar rule (believe us, we’ve tried!). So our grammar gurus have curated a collection of the best grammar tips, advice, and answers all here in one place for easy reference.

In this installment of our Ask Writer’s Relief series, you’ll find lots of grammar guidance from our blog plus some great resources we found on the Internet. Be sure to bookmark this handy list for your next writing project.

Ask Writer’s Relief: “What Are The Best Grammar Tips And Answers For My Writing?”

Who or Whom: An Epic Grammar Battle Easily Resolved: Ace the most important difference between who and whom by using this easy tip!

Please Accept—Or Except—This Grammar Tip: Here’s the scoop on these homophones from the word geeks at Writer’s Relief.

Dear Grammar: It’s Not Me. It’s You. Or Is It I?: The distinction between when to use me versus when to use I is sometimes a difficult one to grasp. These tips will help!

Principal Vs. Principle: Best Grammar Tip: Time for a grammar pop quiz! If you fail, you go to the principal’s office. Or is it principle?

Formatting Internal Dialogue: Quotation Marks Or Italics? This article from Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty discusses whether there is a standard answer to this question, and clarifies your best option for writing internal dialogue.

Grammar Tip: When To Use Less Vs. Fewer: When is it correct to use less and when should you use fewer? You’ll find more answers here!

Grammar Tip: When To Use Among Or Between: There’s more than one way to properly use between and among. This article shows you how to always make the right choice!

Compound Subjects: This article on lexico.com reviews compound subjects and verb agreement, plus identifying whether certain nouns are actually singular or plural.

Three Common Grammar Mistakes: “a lot” or “alot”; abbreviating “versus”; and when “nor” is appropriate on its own: This article highlights three of the most common grammar mistakes—and shows you how to avoid making them!

Apostrophes: Grammar Rules For Showing Possession: These eight grammar tips possess everything you need to know about properly showing possession when you write.

When To Use Lie Or Lay: Lie and lay are difficult verbs! The examples in this article will help you make the right choice every time.

Question: Which grammar rule do you find the trickiest to follow?