The Buzz: Writing Advice From Summer Insects! | Writer’s Relief

Aug 9, 2023 | Writing Tips

The Buzz: Writing Advice From Summer Insects! | Writer’s Relief

Here’s the latest buzz among writers: You can find writing tips almost anywhere you look! During the summer months, you might be inclined to simply wave away a lingering honeybee or ignore a firefly’s bright Morse code. But at Writer’s Relief, we know that these midsummer citizens can also be a great source of writing advice. Here’s what creative writers can learn from watching summer insects.

Writing Advice And Tips From Summer Insects

Advice From Bees: Keep Busy!

These may be the lazy, hazy days of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should stop writing! Use your time outdoors to find inspiration in nature, at an outdoor café, and even on a cruise ship. By observing the world around you, you’ll pick up on the unspoken messages, overlooked details, and subtle cues you can use to give your writing more authenticity.

Advice From Moths: Find Your Best Time!

When other insects are settling down for the night, the moths come out to work and play. You may be an early bird who likes to write before breakfast or a night owl who thrives on burning the midnight oil—either is okay! Instead of forcing yourself to write on a schedule that doesn’t work for you, determine your best creative time of day and use it to your advantage.

Advice From Butterflies: Expand Your Horizons!

Many butterflies migrate, and they visit lots of different flowers on their journey. We can expand our horizons by reading the works of different authors in our genre, as well as those in other genres. Attending writing conferences and workshops will also offer great opportunities for networking and marketing, as well as lectures, panel discussions, chances to hear from best-selling authors, and meet-and-greets with literary agents.

Advice From Fireflies: Shine Bright!

These little aerial acrobats aren’t afraid to shine boldly and attract attention. Writers can be bold as well! Try new writing styles and ideas, and boldly make mistakes. Instead of hiding your light, let it shine, and share your unique voice. If you think an editor or literary agent would never accept your writing—be bold and send that submission!

Advice From Cicadas: Be Relentless!

One of the most recognized summer sounds is the persistent—and loud—song of cicadas. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or deep underground like cicada larvae, you’ve probably heard adult cicadas in the trees screaming relentlessly for mates. As writers, we should be just as relentless when making writing submissions! While we don’t recommend you climb into trees and start screaming like cicadas (the neighbors won’t appreciate it), it’s important to get noticed and send submissions to literary agents and editors on a consistent schedule.

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Question: Which summer insect offers the best writing advice for you?