Summer Writing Prompts: Seas The Day! | Writer’s Relief

Jun 21, 2023 | Writing Prompt

Summer Writing Prompts: Seas The Day! | Writer’s Relief

Whether you are poolside, seaside, hiking up the side of a mountain, or just outside in your yard, “seas” the day and try one (or more!) of these summer writing prompts. Writer’s Relief has found some great images to help inspire your next short story, poem, or novel. Grab a pen and start writing!

Note: We would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of the rules about what is considered previously published writing in the publishing industry.

Summer-Themed Writing Prompts

Summertime is beach time! But these friends are at the shore for a special reason. What are they celebrating?


What’s said in the next few minutes will change the tone of this party. What is the announcement, and how do the family members react?


After a restful nap on your beach blanket, you wake up and find this pup snoozing next to you in the sand. That’s not your dog, but those are your sunglasses. What’s going on here?


Warm weather means romantic dinners al fresco! She loves him and wants to say yes, but what is it about the ring that’s making her pause?

According to the hiking trail map, this path leads back to the parking area—but it’s headed in the wrong direction and seems to go on forever. Where does this take you instead?

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