Spring Writing Prompts: Awaken Your Creativity! | Writer’s Relief

Mar 20, 2024 | Writing Prompt

Spring Writing Prompts: Awaken Your Creativity! | Writer’s Relief

If your muse has spent the winter months burrowed under thick blankets, it’s time for a wakeup call! Even the sleepiest muse won’t be able to resist this spring-themed inspiration. Writer’s Relief has put together the best visual spring writing prompts to awaken your creativity.

Note: We would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of the rules about what is considered previously published writing in the publishing industry.

Spring Writing Prompts


The oarsman looked at us in surprise. “You don’t know the legend of the samurai stationed at Himeji Castle and the letter he wrote to his beloved? Let me tell you what happened.” What tale does the oarsman recount for his rapt listeners?


They look like an ordinary family…but they are decorated Easter eggs magically transformed into people! How did this come about, and what will happen next?


The florist glanced at the bouquet order, and then checked it again. He thought he was mistaken, but no—that really was the address where the flowers should be delivered. Why is he surprised?

Another spring rainstorm! Your windshield wipers can hardly keep up with the downpour. You can barely make out the figure of someone standing on the side of the road. Tell us who is standing out in the rain, and why.


The spring breeze and the weather are just right! Describe this aerial performance from the viewpoint of the pilot and the viewpoint of an observer on the ground.


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