Quiz: Which Candle Scent Best Inspires Your Writing? | Writer’s Relief

Nov 8, 2023 | Inspiration And Encouragement For Writers, Other Helpful Information, Quizzes

Quiz: Which Candle Scent Best Inspires Your Writing? | Writer’s Relief

Aromas can help spark creativity, whether it’s a salty ocean zephyr, a pine-scented mountain breeze, or the smell of warm, fresh bread wafting from a corner bakery. But how can you breathe in the fragrance of inspiration while sitting at your desk? Scented candles to the rescue! The research experts at Writer’s Relief have put together this fun quiz to help you determine which candle scent best inspires your writing.

Quiz: Which Candle Scent Inspires Your Writing Muse?

Where might you be found writing…

  1. In the library stacks
  2. At the kitchen table
  3. In a coffee shop
  4. Anywhere outside

Choose your writing mascot…

  1. Owl
  2. Dog
  3. Cat
  4. Fox

How would you spend your Saturday…

  1. Visiting local shops and used bookstores
  2. Trying new recipes or cooking family recipes
  3. Listening to music or looking at art
  4. Sitting by a campfire at the lake

Which step in the writing process do you enjoy most…

  1. Research
  2. Creating the outline/story map
  3. Editing
  4. Writing the first draft

Which makes you feel most comfy and cozy…

  1. Soft blanket
  2. Baked goods
  3. Warm drink
  4. Toasty socks

You carry your writing notebook in…

  1. Jacket or pants pocket
  2. Tote bag/satchel
  3. Briefcase
  4. Backpack

Your go-to candleholder style is a…

  1. Candlestick
  2. Glass jar
  3. Tealight holder
  4. Lantern

Mostly 1:

Old Book Shop: E-readers are great, but you revel in the smell of books and the creak of an old wooden floor as you walk among the bookshelves. A cozy combination of ginger, white patchouli, and light amber, this candle scent will transport you to your favorite neighborhood bookstore. Crack the spine on your new journal and start writing!

Mostly 2:

Cinnamon Roll: Question: What’s more delicious than a cinnamon roll? Answer: The energy and inspiration sparked by the cinnamon fragrance, which helps reduce feelings of depression and exhaustion. This candle’s blend of cinnamon sugar and vanilla will help you cook up some great ideas for your latest poem, short story, or novel.

Mostly 3:

Coffee Shop: Walk into your favorite coffee shop—at least, that’s what it will smell like with this warm combination of coffee and book scents. Grab a cuppa joe and a seat by the window, and get started on your caffeine-fueled writing session.

Mostly 4:

Ancient Forest: You thrive outside! And with this rustic fragrance, you can still be inspired by nature even when you’re stuck indoors. Breathe in the earthy, woodsy notes, and your inner muse will be transported to a shady spot in an old-growth forest. Press a leaf into your notebook, and jot down notes for new writing projects.


Question: Which candle scent will inspire your writing? Tell us in the comments!