Leap Year Inspiration And Ideas For Writers | Writer’s Relief

Feb 28, 2024 | Inspiration And Encouragement For Writers

Leap Year Inspiration And Ideas For Writers | Writer’s Relief

Every fourth trip around the sun brings us a Leap Year with its gift of an extra day! If you’re an author trying to squeeze more writing time into your busy schedule, February 29 offers you twenty-four additional hours to brainstorm, create, and participate in muse-friendly activities. To help you take full advantage of this bonus day, Writer’s Relief has put together some special Leap Year inspiration and great ideas for writers.

Inspiration And Ideas For Writers: Leap Year Edition

First Things First: Plan Ahead

The best way to strengthen your writing is to prepare before you type (or write) a single word. Now that you have some extra time, use it to prewrite, create a story map, or make a decision tree. Or go ahead and jot down ideas in your writing journal to inspire future projects.

Schedule Some Butt-In-Chair Time

You might be tempted to catch up on your daily chores or binge the latest series on your streaming service. And that’s fine—but you should also schedule some time exclusively for writing! On the other 365 days of this year, your writing time might get pushed aside. February 29 offers you an opportunity to regain a few of those lost hours!

Try These Leap Year-Inspired Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt 29: Your main character discovers a portal that only opens on leap days. This portal leads to other worlds with leap days in parallel dimensions. But the character must return home before midnight or risk being trapped in the wrong dimension for four years.

Writing Prompt 9 more than 20: It’s a character’s “golden birthday”—they turn twenty-nine on February 29! Write about something unexpected that happens during this unique birthday party.

Writing Prompt XXIX: Two neighboring towns both organize a Leap Year festival. From food vendors to live performances, describe the various (and increasingly elaborate) ways the citizens of both towns try to upstage each other.

Writing Prompt the sum of 28 and 1: Write a mystery where a certain crime only occurs on leap years. Will detectives be able to catch the culprit, or will they have to wait another four years and try again when the next crime happens?

Writing Prompt ventinove: A couple married on February 29 and decided they would only celebrate their anniversary every four years. Now that it’s Leap Year, write about the grand, romantic gestures they have planned for one another.

Recharge Your Muse

Taking a purposeful break is actually good writing advice! Strategic breaks support your mental health and help prevent writer’s block. Read a book, head outside, or listen to a writing podcast.

You may also find creative inspiration in one of the various Leap Year traditions around the world—like the “Leapers” festival in New Mexico or the signature Leap Day cocktail served in London.

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