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Aug 17, 2023 | Fun Ideas For Writers, Inspiration And Encouragement For Writers, Writing Tips

Get Writing Inspiration From Your Vacation | Writer’s Relief

Whether you’re headed for warm, sandy beaches; an urban tour of museums, art galleries, and concert halls; or a snow-covered ski lodge, your vacation presents a unique source of writing inspiration. Immersing yourself in new surroundings can provide fresh ideas for your short stories, poems, or novel. The experts at Writer’s Relief have some advice on how to get the most writing inspiration from your vacation.

The Best Ways To Find Writing Inspiration While On Vacation

First things first: Always carry a journal so you can jot down notes when inspiration strikes. You can also use a recording device or a camera (or a handy smartphone) to capture thoughts, images, and details while on the move.

Explore Your Destination

Take a good look at your surroundings and describe what you see. How is the sunset here different from those at home? What are the architectural details? Do you hear different birds, animals, or languages? Is the setting serene and peaceful or overflowing with rambunctious characters or critters? What’s the weather like? Your destination can provide wonderful details for your writing.

Listen To Conversations

You can overhear some great conversations while sitting on a beach or while strolling through an art gallery (just don’t be rude and actively eavesdropping!). Listening in on conversations and writing down what you hear will help you write more natural-sounding dialogue. Maybe your ski instructor has a distinctive accent, or a couple seated at a nearby table in a restaurant has a quiet argument. Tapping into the banter and chats you hear around you will give you unique fodder for the conversations taking place in your writing.

Observe Outfits And Clothing

How fellow vacationers and the locals are dressed can offer inspiration for your writing. What your characters wear can reveal details about their backgrounds, personalities, and motives. Maybe your outgoing, fun protagonist would feel perfectly comfortable in a vibrant Hawaiian shirt similar to those you see aboard a cruise ship. Or the romantic interest in your poem might wear wool mittens just like the pair spotted on another skier riding the lift.

Sample Different Foods And Drinks

Tasting new foods and drinks can add depth to your writing and make it more authentic. A decadent éclair from a pâtisserie in Paris might be the perfect snack for the jaded detective in your mystery story. Food can also be used to show negative character traits—a character who is self-absorbed may be inspired by a hiker whose backpack boasts a portable espresso maker.


Seeing the behaviors, interactions, and idiosyncrasies of the people around you can help you round out your characters. Notice how individuals interact, and imagine what their conversations may be about based on their facial expressions and gestures. You can also consider where these people have been and where they might be going. Incorporate some of these ideas into your story or poems.

Schedule Some Free Time

Sometimes the best way to inspire your writing and refresh your muse is to take a break—after all, you’re on vacation! Give your creative batteries time to relax and recharge. You’ll return to your writing relaxed, with fresh eyes and lots of new ideas.

When you’re open to different people, places, and experiences, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to boost your creativity. And when you’ve finished your writing project, you can send your work off on its own adventure by submitting it to literary agents and editors. The research experts at Writer’s Relief are also excellent travel guides for your writing! We’ll pinpoint the best publishing opportunities to boost your odds of getting an acceptance. Learn more about our services, and submit your writing to our Review Board today!


Question: What inspiration have you found while on vacation?