A Harvest of Great Autumn Writing Prompts | Writer’s Relief

Sep 20, 2023 | Writing Prompt

A Harvest of Great Autumn Writing Prompts | Writer’s Relief

George Eliot had the right idea: “If I were a bird, I would fly about the Earth seeking the successive autumns.” Autumn is the perfect time of year to break out a warm sweater, sip some pumpkin-spiced coffee, and refocus on your writing! To help you get started, Writer’s Relief has found autumn-themed photo writing prompts sure to inspire bright and bold writing ideas!

Note: We would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of the rules about what is considered previously published writing in the publishing industry.

Autumn-Themed Writing Prompts


After a long autumn afternoon reading in the park, she’s finally ready to tell her girlfriend the secret she’s been keeping. What is it?


“I’ll need to buy more wool socks,” he said to himself. What is the text message that prompted this reaction?

Write a flash essay or poem about your earliest Halloween memories.


The invitation states this is the address for the Halloween party, but you have serious doubts. Then, just as you’re backing away, the door opens…


They tried to recreate from memory their grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe, but weren’t sure about the secret ingredient that made her pies so special. The judge took a bite, and the look on her face told them all they needed to know. What happens next?


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