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Dec 27, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Other Helpful Information, Reading Recommendations

5 Popular Book Subscription Services For Every Reader| Writer’s Relief

You’ve finished your TBR (To-Be-Read) pile and are ready for a new book—but what should it be? Something familiar, or something different and unexpected? Perhaps you want to try a different genre, but don’t know where to start. The bookworms at Writer’s Relief know an easy way to explore new book offerings: Try a book subscription service! A book box is a great way to learn about new releases, be introduced to new authors, and expand your reading horizons! Here are five popular book subscription services that our research crew recommends for every reader!

Book Subscription Services For Every Reader

Book of the Month – Founded in 1926, Book of the Month has historically advocated for authors such as Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, and John Steinbeck. Needless to say, they have good taste! About 80 percent of their selections are from up-and-coming writers, making this subscription service a great way to discover new authors. Each month, subscribers are offered five to seven titles to choose from, in genres ranging from literary/contemporary to thriller to mystery to historical fiction to romance to fantasy/science fiction. If the choices don’t appeal to you, you can either skip a month or order a previous Book of the Month. You can also order books in either hardcover or as an e-book.

Aardvark Book Club – A newer book subscription service, Aardvark works similarly to Book of the Month. Subscribers are offered a diverse range of titles to choose from, so if you subscribe to both Aardvark and Book of the Month, there is unlikely to be any overlap! At the time of this writing, you can only order books through the app and not the website. (Why is it called Aardvark, you ask? One reason is that it’s the first word in the dictionary!)

Fairyloot – Looking for new fantasy books for your library? Fairyloot has you covered! Catering to both Adult and YA fantasy readers, this book subscription box features a specific theme for each month. Past themes have included Enchanted Forest and Invisible Truths. Fairyloot is also flexible in its subscription options: You can do a monthly plan, a three-month prepaid subscription, or a six-month prepaid subscription. With its flexible pricing plans and thoughtful curation, this is the perfect subscription for fantasy lovers!

Twisted Retreat – If you’re a hardcore reader of horror and thrillers, this is the subscription box for you! Each month has a specific theme pertaining to the featured book, as well as novelty items tied in with the theme. These can include snacks, drinks, candles, and the occasional bath and body product with a spooky twist. While they don’t reveal the name of the book in advance, Twisted Retreat offers lots of hints about what it might be. Another perk is that you can subscribe to either a monthly box or a book-only box.

Unplugged – From the same minds behind Twisted Retreat, this book box is geared toward self-care. After choosing either a Young Adult box or an Adult Fiction box, subscribers receive one hardcover book along with four to six self-care items inspired by the featured book. This is one of the pricier subscription boxes, but for anyone who wants to add a little something to their reading experience, this is a great service!

BONUS TIP: If the book subscription service also hosts an online book club, be sure to join so you can chat about the book with the other readers!


Question: Which book subscription service do you use, if any?